We are the exclusive distributor for IDT (Integrated Design Tools) high speed video cameras (for slow motion and super slow motion video) and IDT high speed video lighting equipment, which is sold under the Veritas Brand, and the ORME TrackImage and TrackReport Software.  Our high speed cameras / slow motion cameras are used in the worlds most demanding applications. All of our cameras are high G – crash rated for on-board video crash testing and analysis.  A number of our high speed lights are also high G rated for on-board crash illumination.


By capturing video at very high speeds – typically thousands of frames to hundreds of thousands of frames per second with very short exposure times (as short as 100ns, or even shorter with laser illumination), reveals details and information that the human eye is not capable of seeing.  Every camera we sell is equipped with an electronic global shutter which guarantees every pixel of every frame is exposed at precisely the exact same moment.  This is in contrast to many other cameras which utilize a scrolling or rolling shutter which causes many types of image distortion often referred to as a jello effect, wobble, smear, or partial exposure.  All IDT cameras are immune to all of these image issues due to use of a global electronic shutter designed into each image sensor.  All IDT image sensors are exclusive to IDT cameras.


Our customers include nearly every branch of the US military, major Hollywood production companies, Universities, and a range of companies performing research across a wide range of industries and technologies.

A sampling of Applications using our high speed video cameras and high speed LED lights, and our  Engineering Analysis software


Automotive Crash Testing

Military Weapons Testing

Ballistics Testing


Manufacturing automation equipment testing

Hollywood and Television slow motion special effects

Product drop tests

Real time welding inspection

Airframe testing

Jet engine bird strike failure analysis

Parachute testing (NASA – Orion)

Airline Seat Crash testing

Some of our customers include:



Sandia National Labs

Lawrence Livermore National Labs

Stanley Tools

Zodiac Aerospace

Lockheed Martin


Edwards Lifesciences

IIHS – Insurance Institute for Highway safety

General Motors


SwRI – Southwest Research Institute

Seattle Safety

Lift by Encore




With decades of experience and industry knowledge of high speed camera systems, optics, and high speed imaging applications, we are uniquely positioned to support you in your high speed image applications.